About project

Since the first days of Salym Project execution, SPD has been seeking to meet these expectations and make an adequate contribution to solving socio-economic issues of the region. In the course of executing individual project, the company is guided by the principles of sustainable development - efficient operations, environmental protection, and attention to social sphere.

SPD believes that the work on implementing the sustainable development principles is of definitive importance for the success of the entire Salym Project. Therefore, the company seeks to maximize the balance of economic, environmental, and social factors of both short- and long-term nature, while meeting the interests of all parties - employees, shareholders, state, and population.

History of
Salym land

Kintus Yurts
The place where now Salym village is located had been inhabited long ago. Once it was a Khanty settlement known as Kintus Yurts. Integration of collective farms (kolkhozes), a big campaign carried out in 1950-60es, brought about a migration of people from small villages to larger communities. The result was sad for many villages. Kintus was not an exception.
How Salym started up
The modern history of this place started up in 1968-70 when constructors came here to build a railway road. They were pioneers who were building the railway and the village itself. Salym (“Solhem” in Khanty language) means “created”. It is noteworthy that the name of the first street is Stroitelnaya (“constructional”).
The Salym village is located on the main federal highway Tyumen - Nefteyugansk. There is also a railroad station whereby one can get to Tyumen and further west to the Urals and European part of Russia. In eastern and northern directions the railroad goes as far as Novy Urengoi and Nizhnevartovsk.
Life in the village
The village is inhabited by about five and a half thousand people. Most local residents live in timber houses built several decades ago. However the housing capacities have gradually been improving. The multi-storey apartment blocks have already been built or are under construction as well as new timber houses. Recently a new landmark has appeared in Salym - the Saint Peter and Paul Orthodox Church.